The Times They Are a-Changin’

People; times change

Last night I was in my hometown of Aiken, SC. Some of my high school friends were in town with their families for Christmas and we decided to meet up. Between having a few drinks, playing darts, and trying to beat the high score (950) on a punching bag game (I got 906, so close) I thought of Bob Dylan’s song, “The Times They Are a-Changin’.”

Change is good! Not always, but usually…

People grow up, people move on, people change. I have changed since high school too. I guess nostalgia would have something to do with why this song came to mind last night.

It’s tough not to think of how things used to be, to wish people were the same, and think that maybe times wouldn’t be a-changin’. But we do think of the “good ol’ days,” people do grow up, and times they do a-change.

These are all good things, but still makes a soul wishful. Growing up is scary. Being responsible sucks.’s all part of this life we live. And it’s okay!

It was good to see some great friends, learn of their endeavors, and share stories that went all the way back to middle school.

Time leaves us, but memories never do. God bless!