Why millennials are leaving the church

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Opinion by Rachel Held Evans, Special to CNN

(CNN) At 32, I barely qualify as a millennial.

I wrote my first essay with a pen and paper, but by the time I graduated from college, I owned a cell phone and used Google as a verb.

I still remember the home phone numbers of my old high school friends, but don’t ask me to recite my husband’s without checking my contacts first.

I own mix tapes that include selections from Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but I’ve never planned a trip without Travelocity.

Despite having one foot in Generation X, I tend to identify most strongly with the attitudes and the ethos of the millennial generation, and because of this, I’m often asked to speak to my fellow evangelical leaders about why millennials are leaving the church.

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What Am I Thinking…

I’m not sure why I decided today I would start blogging…


I know only a handful of people personally who actually blog so I was not influenced by them. As I started thinking about it more I decided to give it a shot. 

I mean, I can become a blogging legend for all I know! Probably not though, huh?

Now, as I am being yanked into this blogging world, I hope you find just one post that you enjoy. Maybe you’ll keep coming back, maybe not. It’s up to you.


I’m not sure what my subject will be when I post. It may end up as a diary of sorts. (I’ll keep it clean) I do know, however, I want to use this for you. Maybe it’ll give you a few laughs and even along the way you’ll learn some important life lessons that I may be learning at the time. I am not a professional writer, nor do I ever intend on being one so there may be typing errors, grammatical errors, etc. Who cares you smarty pants! ;) Just read and enjoy. God bless!